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Scent marketing at its most original and evocative.

Aroma Textiles Lab is a full-service scenting facility based in Montreal, QC. Using our exclusive Scentsual®️ technology, we are able to scent a variety of fabrics with essential and fragrance oils. Scent is infused into the fabric for long-lasting results.

Aroma Textiles Lab also offers printing services - with scented ink!

Together we determine your scenting goals and choose scents based on your brand image. Then Aroma Textiles Lab tests and applies your scent mixes to your fabrics or finished garments in our lab - it's that simple! From intimates to accessories, leather to home goods, we have a scent solution for you.

Aroma Textiles Lab operates on an affordable per-unit cost basis with low minimums and a quick turnaround. All you need to do (once you qualify for our services) is pick your scent(s) and provide your products.

Curious? Let's have a chat about what Aroma Textiles Lab and textile scenting can do for your brand.

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From Fashion Buyer to Scent Specialist

With a background in fashion buying, ex-Selfridges Lingerie Buyer and fashionista Virginia Marcolin wanted to shake up the lingerie industry by developing the first-ever brand of luxury scented lingerie. It took her years to finally find a scent partner who introduced her to the novel process of infusing fabric with essential and fragrance oils. With much trial and error, she successfully launched Effleure, a wonderful secret designed to empower women to discover their scent-suality.

Now with three scented brands under her belt, she has honed the skills necessary to offer full-service textile scenting to innovative fashion and lifestyle brands that want to push boundaries of traditional marketing and connect with their customers on a more primal level, using the power of scent. She can't wait to take you through every step of the journey.